An interactive corner with Baba Residence audio stories

poetry is a language within the language. it challenges its own barriers while preordained to use them as a creative fuel. its core is loaded with a constant urge for understanding.

it’s a code which contains the main ingredients of the overindividual and the common – of the shareable and the impossible to share.

between the pleats of daily life stories there’s hidden poetry. pull out the thread of universal connectedness, while listening to those genuine audio stories of old village people, imagine the simple beauty which makes their world go around – find it inbetween their words.

find what’s understandable for you, what’s common in those stories, which we collected during our 1-month stay in bulgarian villages because of baba residence.

what connects us?

let’s write a poem of the search for a shared meaning.

/the audio stories are in bulgarian/

11 - 13 November, foyer of Youth house Vratsa