Mir Vam

An answer of socially engaged theatre to the forces that draw people apart and incite us to fear others

Mir Vam is a verbatim performance of the Bulgarian studio for documentary theatre VOX POPULI. It focuses on the urgent topic of the refugee tragedy and its reflection in Bulgaria. Relying firmly on the unflavoured call of reality this performance “presents the world in its wholesome complexity! It furrows the mind, makes the heart beat restlessly…”

“Mir Vam examines the painful and complicated topic of the refugee migration and other transgeographical processes in the beginning of the 21st century through the lens of human tolerance’s limits. The artists follow and manifest verbatim the stories of the interviewed people from the most anxious refugee areas in the country. “Mir Vam” (meaning I wish you peace) is a universal religious greeting which is present in both Christianity and Islam. The usual answer to this greeting is “Vam Mir” (Peace to you). But what is peace really and how can war be put into words?”

During EMPATHEAST 2016 we are also looking for an answer to a relevant question: Is the urge for peaceful living shared and sustainable enough to connect people worldwide?

* * *

Mir Vam is a part of the cross-cultural platform for documentary art N/TRY. You’ll have the chance to learn more about the platform and its mission from the director of the performance Neda Sokolovska - during EMPATHEAST 2016 lecture part of the programme.