World Cafe with Patricia Munro and Jeffrey Beeson

As part of the second edition of  EMPATHEAST - forum for empathy driven social change in Eastern Europe, we have invited our friends from World Café Europe again -this time we will be looking for innovative solutions and a shared vision on the topic of Food Security!

The World Cafe will be held on Friday, Nov. 13th and moderators of our shared space for social innovation will be our team, especially trained for this role by the founders of World Cafe Europe  - Patricia Munro and Jeff Beeson and Patricia and Jeffrey themselves.

As a participant in World Cafe, you must be open to other people's point of view, ready to share and develop yours and venture boldly into the interdisciplinary process called softly "cross-pollination of ideas" that occurs due to the variety of actors - from local authorities, experts from the ministries of economy and education, business, media, civil society, and other creative industries.

This is an effective and flexible format for dialogue among a large group of people that ends with practical ideas that are ready to be developed.


What to expect?

You will have a few minutes to discuss a specific quesion with the group around your table and to get to possible innovative solutions. Then you can choose another interesting topic for you and you will find yourself in a new group of people with new resources and points of view.

Finally, the ideas from all groups will be summarized and the results can be used by local authorities, civil society organizations, media, and all people in their future actions, policies and activities.

On Sunday, November 15th we will pick specific ideas from the World Cafe that we can begin to implement and realize.

Participation at the World Cafe is possible only with a registration for the format on our website! Registration will open in the beginning of November.