art innovation challenge, empatheast 2015, art for social change


ART Innovation Challenge is EMPATHEAST’s creative inception for a second year!

We challenge you to express your creativity in a way that can draw into urban interaction of a true quality optimal number of people with an installation, exhibition, game, performance or some not mentioned here way of expression :) 

Register individually or with a team until 7.11 at

The topic: 
Reclaim the city. New quality of human relations.

The mission:
Your work field is the area is Women’s market – “St Nedelya” Church – The mineral bath (now Museum of Sofia). You can focus on a concrete spot from this area, which exited you during the exploration process.

How do you engage the attention of the people passing through your work field? How does your action/installation etc stimulates the experiencing of empathy and appreciation? 

What sort of interaction in the urban environment can provoke a new and true quality of human relations in this concrete part of the city, where churches (orthodox and catholic), a synagogue and a mosque are so close to each other? 

How can the playful interaction with the urban space be a medium of a consciously experienced meeting with the otherness (as age, ethnos, religion, opinion, profession, habits)?

Ideas Factory will pick 3 of the artistic ideas and will support them financially to manifest as a part of the international forum EMPATHEAST 2015 (13-15 November). 

The stages: 
2-7.11 – Registration of a team of individual participation
9.11 – Picking 3 artistic ideas and meeting with their authors. 
13-15.11 Exhibition of the artistic ideas at EMPATHEAST 2015