Presentation of the results from Baba Residence

Baba Residence is copyright format by Ideas Factory in which young people learn almost vanished traditional crafts and practices, while helping elderly people in depopulating villages. After staying at the village the young people started to work on individual or collective ideas to return the resources back to the Bulgarian villages: human, financial, etc. This year, the enthusiastic and inspired young people around the country lived for one month in four villages in the Rhodope Municipality Laky.

The participants in Baba Residence will share photos, videos, songs, flavors and impressions of their personal and collective adventure through four of Rhodope villages Yugovo, Dzhurkovo, Dryanovo, Manastir. We will talk about what it means to live as part of an unfamiliar community - how it unites and how the experience can help stop the depopulation of these fairy places.

Come and hear what they've experienced - on 13 November at 19.00 at The traveler's club.