World Café

World Cafe is an inspiring, effective and flexible format for discussing noteworthy topics with conclusions in a large group of people, whose goal is reaching practical ideas to be realized. Within 3 hours, participants share their ideas and experience on the given topic with everyone else. The discussion takes place on rounds in small groups, and each successive round builds on the previous one to reach specific decisions. The format is informal and is led by experienced facilitators. Thus, the ideas created by all groups are subsequently summarized and the results can be used by the municipal authorities, civil organizations, the media, and all the people in their future actions, policies and activities. Our café will unleash the imagination of more than 100 participants around the possible answers to the question: “Re-population: What conditions could attract young people to villages and rural areas and reverse the current tendency of depopulation there?”. We will talk about the possible practical steps we could undertake in order to counteract the process of depopulation of rural areas in Bulgaria. We will discuss the various reasons for depopulation as a problem of national importance and will focus on solutions to the challenges that prevent young people from living in rural areas. Register for free at -> 2 NOVEMBER > 10 - 14 h > Central post office, Plovdiv (Central sq​uare)